GeriGuard Solutions LLC

Caring for seniors with memory loss due to stroke, dementia or early stage Alzheimer’s can be extremely stressful & discouraging. We understand the challenges of caring for these aging loved ones whether at home or in a Long Term Care facility. We offer a wide range of Dementia Aids & Alzheimer’s Therapy Products, to help caregivers deal with memory loss, confusion, sundowning & depression.

Imagine yourself living in a world of confusion, where you keep forgetting what day it is or what time it is. Imagine the feeling of inadequacy having to constantly ask those around you “what’s today?” or waking up after a nap & being totally disoriented as to whether it is morning or night. Imagine your frustration of being unable to simply navigate the dials & buttons just to turn on a radio?

It is almost impossible to put ourselves in their shoes. These special people were once intelligent, capable individuals who are now struggling to manage even the simplest of tasks.

Our team at GeriGuard Solutions have been personally involved in caring for loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We fully understand the frustrations of the families & caretaker’s, having to answer the same questions over & over, but above all, we value the importance of helping these special loved ones restore their dignity! Preserving their dignity is crucial in retaining our loved one’s sense of self-worth & in helping to fight off the possible onset of depression.

As difficult as this time is for the families & caretaker’s, imagine how frightening it is for the loved one or patient themselves. Many are fully aware of their declining memory & it’s a source of embarrassment to them. They desperately want to hang on to their self-respect and avoid becoming a burden to everyone around them.

GeriGuard Solutions presents to you the latest products from around the globe. From Dementia Day Clocks & One Button Dementia Radios to Mentally Stimulating Games & Activites that aim to reinforce memory skills & help reduce Sundowning.

Studies have found that those with dementia who engaged in such activities had increased feelings of well-being and a better quality of life, including improved communication and interactions with those around them.

It's important to keep in mind that cognitive stimulation can also help slow the decline of dementia in its early stages.